Although we didn’t expect it, we fell in love with Budapest.

What we think are the must-visit places? What to see? Where are the best cafes and restaurants in Budapest that we have tried? Did we see any attractions in Budapest? Read the article and you will find out.

At the beginning of the article, I would like to point out that we were very pleasantly surprised by Budapest and we would definitely love to go back. Two days was really not enough.


Budapest, Hungary

LATITUDE: 47.49801 | LONGITUDE: 19.03991



as in every European capital city, in Budapest you can experience nice things during all seasons. Our favorite time for wandering (and eating) is summer though.

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PRICE RANGE: $$$ ($-cheapest, $$$$$-most expensive)


SOCKET: European 220 AC and the connection is made by a two-pin plug


We were staying at the Aqua World Resort Budapest. Hotel isn’t located in the city center but is equipped with aqua park and spa. You can order breakfast in bed too which is pretty cool.


Let’s admit it, this was mainly foodie trip. Immediately after a search for accommodation, food is the first thing we deal with in every destination. Sometimes before accommodation. Bistro, cafes, interesting restaurants and bars - the things Baru loves the most.

After thorough research on Instagram, an hour of googling and many calls with friends who have already been to Hungary we decided to test the following:

Mazel Tov

Mazel Tov is a wonderful, original and pleasant restaurant bar located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. Try delicious hummus or perfect blended cocktails. The staff was perfect - very kind and always ready with some recommendation for us.

Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden is a bit expensive but wonderful restaurant. The interior changes according to the season. We were so lucky to experience the decoration with blooming sakuras. Believe me, I was totally excited. Hynek had his best beef steak ever. The food and the place were perfect. Except of the staff, they could be a bit nicer.

Seats in the garden (the most beautiful part of the restaurant) are still full. If you want to sit underneath the sakura flowers, definitely call for a reservation in advance.

Street Food Karavan Budapest

If you want to eat amazing and more low-cost food, visit Street Food Karavan Budapest right next to famous bars Szimpla Kert. Definitely the ideal place for a quick dinner and one or two drinks with friends before some epic party. We loved the burgers on the right side at the entrance to the dining alley. And if they ask you if you want something extra, go for it. It’s not drugs, but better burger! You can also try Hungarian specialties as well as great local langos.

Szimpla Kert

If you want to go for a drink or a party, don’t miss Szimpla Kert. It belongs among the so-called ruin pubs. Reportedly, these atypical pubs were created when in the past the owners did not have the money to pay for renting in the city center, so they looked for something that was available - half-buried places, courtyards etc. and built there interiors that look like folded from things you find in the dump. It sounds terrible, but now these are the coolest bars in the city, where the local and enthusiastic tourists can enjoy themselves.

Szimpla Kert itself is a courtyard that has plenty of corners with different bars that fit perfectly together.



Due to the lack of time we just walked a short distance from the city center. Definitely go to see the river. The Fisherman's Bastion is a must visit. Go through countless beautiful bridges and architectural monuments and enjoy the local buzz. Margaret Island is very popular too.

Central Market Hall

The Central Market Hall is surely worth a visit. You will feel like in Asia or so they say. There's so much fresh fruit and vegetables! Unfortunately, we arrived on Saturday at 16:00 when the place was closed. Well, good reason to go back one day.

Vajdahunyad castle

We liked Vajdahunyad castle very much. It stands in the middle of a large park where you can spread a blanket and relax. It is also within walking distance of a part of town where you can find all the gastronomic places you have just read about.

That's everything from Budapest so far. We want to go back someday to enjoy more of the city and the local food. And you should try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy your trip!

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