The Jeseníky Mountains are nice place all year round. We caught the rainy days in September. Even so, the stay was perfect. We spend two calming days in wooden cabins Roubenky pod Oborou and we also explored surrounding places a bit. This article isn’t a huge guide as the other big places we’ve already visited but rather small tips for this area. We also did more of the videos and photos. Check the article and you’ll see.




Latitude: 50.224625 | Longitude: 17.198047



pocasi weather escape from the city jeseniky.jpg

Any season at Jeseniky may be beautiful. Depends on the goal of your trip. We wanted to get out from the city for a few days and relax so the rainy days didn’t really bother us. We went for few short trips and enjoyed the rest of the stay at our beautiful cabin. If you are more into sunny days, go during June, July and August.


PRICE RANGE: $$ ($-cheapest, $$$$$-most expensive)


SOCKET: European 220 AC and the connection is made by a two-pin plug and three-pin plug.


We stayed at Roubenky pod Oborou, the formation of 4 cabins run by kind couple from Jeseniky. This was our place for two days just to relax - #missionaccomplished! There wasn’t enough time but the place has the Finnish sauna waiting for you to use and fireplace for calm summer evenings. We also did a little video so you can get an idea how is it here.


Unfortunately, we did not find any extra good restaurant around the cabins. But there is a beautiful kitchen inside the cabin. We recommend buying food with you at local shop (few minutes by car) and having a treat at home. Or you can buy something for the mentioned fireplace behind the cabin. We were caught by rain otherwise we would be roasting the food outside. If you eat healthy, we recommend to buy something in advance. Local store isn’t that good supplied.


If you eat healthy, bring your own healthy ingredients with you. Local stores are not supplied enough, just the basic stuff.

Buy goodies that you can roast on fire behind the cabine.

Remember your ID/passport. We went to Poland for a day trip and you might need it.

At the biggest tourist attractions go by sunrise so you can avoid crowds. If you are lucky you will be almost alone and you will enjoy the atmosphere that can not be experienced during the day. Waking up is pretty tough even for me but it’s definitely worth it!


Roubenky pod Oborou are an experience for themselves. If you arrive from a big city just like us, you'll be happy with the fireplace, cooking in the equipped kitchen, roasting behind the house and strolling around. However, if you want to enjoy something less "home" we can recommend you few places!



The very first day after arrival, we got up early in the morning and headed for a little trip to Poland. More specifically, the Wilczki waterfall, located in Kladsko near the border with the Czech Republic right next to the Bystrzyca Kłodzka. Wodospad Wilczki is 22m high and is part of the same named reservation. As a waterfall lover, I was excited (Baru). Right next to the waterfall is a beautiful village. There is not much to see, but you will definitely enjoy a short walk through the nice houses, small bridge above the river and local church above the village.

The journey from the cabins to waterfalls takes approx. 90 minutes by car, but we believe you will not regret it. You can also find many beautiful places along the way. You can stop for longboarding or just enjoy observing nature and beauty of long alleys. I love these moody rides.


The hunting lodge Loucna nad Desnou, which is surrounded by a large park accessible to the public, is also worth a visit. Ideal place to relax, walk and read a book. We ended our trip here.



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