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Our story

We are Hynek & Baru, czech couple with passion for travel, photography, videomaking and discovering new adventures.

In March 2018 our paths crossed. We started dating and travel the world together. At first we published photos, articles and videos on our separate Czech blogs and social media. Day by day we realized our travel content not to be just mine or yours. It was ours. So Hynek & Baru blog was born.

Our blog i result of the unconditional desire for discovering together. Different places and realities, to escape and to set ourselves free. Even if just for a few days. We dream to see this world, not in vacations but with a purpose. Maybe we’re dreamers, but, who cares?

Who we are



PASSIONS: photography, VIDEO, Instagram marketing

CHILDHOOD DREAM JOB: Professional Lego builder

FAVORITE PLACE: Lofoten, Norway


TOOLS: MacBook Pro, Samsung S9Plus, DJI Mavic Pro, Sony A6500, iPhone XR



PASSIONS: photography, yoga, and foooood

CHILDHOOD DREAM JOB: Professional dancer


INSTAGRAM NICKNAME: @barasedlakova

TOOLS: MacBook Pro, Sony Alpha 7II, iPhone 8

Our goal

We wish to share with you some of our unforgettable experiences and adventures we discovered during our trips. We hope that through them you find it easier to pack your bags and just go.

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